Sunday, November 18, 2012

Authors can be so much fun!

Hello all, can it really be last Saturday that we met with the author of Into the Wilderness, David Ebenbach at the Fountain Book Store, followed by a stop at the Urban Farmhouse. We had an absolute blast talking with the author, and being part of the hip scene in Shockoe Slip was a welcome change. I am usually cleaning horses and tack on Saturday afternoons, so feeling like an urban sophisticate was kinda nice for a change.

And who better to be a hipster with than David Ebenbach. We owe Fiona a great debt of gratitude for not only bringing us a lovely book with actual likeable characters, but also a wonderful, warm and open author. He was genuinely interested in our questions and opinions and very open with his inspiration for the characters and the stories.  Including the fact that he actually once did lock his mother in the basement; don't tell.

So the Fountain Book Store - on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, right after the Richmond Marathon, with an author event, the place was deserted. We had David all to ourselves and it was a great luxury. What a beautiful spot, at a lovely table in the front looking out over the cobblestones. It was a wake-up call to me though to get out and support our local, independent book stores. The opportunity to wrap ourselves in the literary life in that environment is fast disappearing, so buy your books there!

David spent about an hour or so reading from the book and discussing the characters, the inspiration and the stories. Judith was a big topic as you might expect. As it turns out, she was once a novel and David spent years on it before redirecting to short stories and finding her voice. He talked about compassion for his characters and how much he really loved Judith, not as a creation, but as a living, breathing personality that drove her own story.

It was relatively easy for us to contrast his obvious care for the people of his stories with our last book, A Casual Vacancy, where J.K. Rowling may have liked her characters, but couldn't imagine a different life for them.

The group all loved the book and loved David. I for one, can't wait for his next effort. Thank you Fiona!

On to our next effort, one of my favorite books ever, House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton. We are meeting at my house on December 10 at 6:30 pm. Since it is Christmas time, I want to propose a gift exchange. Can each of us bring a book of our choice, wrapped, and have a random drawing? The book should be one that you love and want to share with others. Write your reasons why on the gift tag - but not your name! What do you think?

Can't wait to see you all!

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Life in the Garden said...

I know Fiona and David from VCCA. He came to speak at my university, and he really is a great speaker, and writer, just an all-around great guy. How cool that he came to your book club!